Night of Light 2021

One year on the campaign "Alarm Stufe Rot" (Alarm Level Red) repeated their call for culturally relevant building (theaters, music venues etc) to be illuminated in red on 22nd June to mark the urgent support needed by the still struggling culture branch due to the Corona pandemic.  This year Würzburg 6 venues participated in Würzburg: Museum im Kulturspeicher, Fachbereich Kultur der Stadt Würzburg, Cairo, Stadtbücherei im Falkenhaus, Keller Z87 eG, and the Apex Ringschule-
Many other cities throughout Germany took part in this event which was intended as an urgent appeal to the Government and public to ask for support in order save the culture and event industry. Theaters, event organisers, concert venues and musicians have had their income reduced to almost nothing since the COVID19 pandemic. 
After 18 months of pandemic and multiple lockdowns, many venues are unable to open properly or put on their normal  cultural programme, and many venues and individual artists have received little support or help from the government
In order to ensure that the culture and event branches survice, and that the consequences of the pandemic are not forgotten, the Night of Light is intended as a reminder to people that the situation is still "red" i.e. critical.   .